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Sunday night was interesting. i downloaded this folder of mp3 remixes from BitTorrent. i like to play club music from time to time and like to keep up-to-date with the latest tracks. this batch was older but i figured what the heck? it's not like i'm a DJ and would know the difference anyway. it'd be something fun to play when i dance around my bedroom.

i get the file (it was huge) after a couple of days and try to open it. immediately, my Explorer crashed (not the browser) and then recovered itself. i try again and again, it continued. it wouldn't even let me hover over it with my mouse w/o crashing. so i couldn't even delete it.

this lead to me downloading a free anti-virus software. it did it's process and was able to find 3 Trojans. sounded nice, right? then it found another one, crashed my Explorer, recovered itself and told me to start the process over again. i did, and yes...again it did the same thing. so i find another free anti-virus software. go through the process and my PC locks up. i have about a Gig and a half of RAM so i start panicking. it locks up several times and i reboot several times. nothing will let me delete this mp3 file.

it won't even let me get into Safe Mode. the 2nd anti-virus software was taxing my complete RAM so it wouldn't even let me get to my Add/Remove programs. so not only was it not finding the Trojans, it was also eating all of my RAM. i call my friend, Brian, and try his brain through the process too. he's frustrated at me for being frustrated and both of us don't know how to solve the problem. [to be fair, he was a lot more patient with me than i would've been considering it was hard for me to describe the anxiety i was getting into.] i at this moment just wished i could undo my previous action.

this Avast! anti-virus software wouldn't even let me remove it from Task Manager! it was pretty useless overall. to solve it, we finally were able to get my computer started in Safe Mode, delete the file via DOS (as well as the stupid anti-virus softwares) and then find the Trojans in Spybot Search & Destroy. i ended up discovering i had a Maleware virus that was redirecting all Windows updates to their stupid search engine sites.

that's what i get for not keeping my PC up-to-date!
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And at this point in time, the only way to get back to a clean computer is to format and start fresh.
right i know. and i don't really wanna go there. so i think this is my best bet
If I even suspect that the next virus I get is in any way related to your computer spewing out viruses to the world, I will come beat you senseless with my nerf-bat!
haha i think most of my trojans are gone now
Just lifestyle and durex ones remaining?