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more of what's on my mind right now

  • i'm surprised that a temp agency didn't call me for a job today. Chris Rock said that we shouldn't expect black people to show up to work today if Barack Obama won because they'd be up all night partying and call out. but to be honest, when i saw the results come in for Pennsylvania and knew there was no way McCain was going to be able to take many of the other electoral votes, i was in the mood for partying myself. the very idea of Barack being our next president is such a humbling and exhilarating experience for me. there is definitely a newly restored faith in America.

  • my interview yesterday went great. i'd be working in a phone center for Massachusetts free health care and setting people up with new plans. i love the idea of helping people out like that, in addition to the idea of getting more involved in the health field. i enjoyed working in the financial field but that was also the field that decided to lay me off so their CEOs could get another pay increase. the medical field seems to be where it's at in this economy. i should know something about it tomorrow....

  • i just got done watching this past Sunday's episode of True Blood and i have to say how unimpressed i am with the writing on it. if you've never seen this show, it's about a town of vampires in Louisiana that are trying to integrate into modern society via a synthetic blood drink. normally, they know how to grip me to the plot line and the characters and keep me enthralled. this past week's episode (Episode 09) was just going through the motions and offering up nothing much of substance. they have Sookie being chased by some invisible killer (that they've not revealed and no one cares about) and this whole bullshit trial that Bill is undergoing for killing a vamp. it was still good but not nearly as gripping as i remember from episodes past. i hope they don't take it down a path where i'm not loving the show like i wanna....

  • i took a long break from reading Stephen King's "It" and have started back up again. i'm on Chapter 11 right now and am really enjoying it. the book is so detail heavy that i got almost bored of it 500 pages in but am now trying to find yet another rhythm. once we get back to the Reunion of them in the town of Derry, it almost feels like a sequel to the first portion of them as kids. Stephen King is an amazing author, yes, but i think my reading attention span is semi-retarded when it comes to epic novels like this. can't wait to finally finish it, though!

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