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seize - attack

the last few nights i've been staying up exceptionally late. (it's all this damn caffeine.) i start consuming tons and tons of Cola-Cola and then i'm wired when it comes time for bed. i need to get more in a routine by the time i start work on Monday. i can't really be tired and fuck up my chances for employment. i need this job.

last night i think i had a seizure in my sleep. but i'm not sure. it may be due to my disorientation, but i'm pretty sure it happened. i feel like my sensors have been overloaded (like i normally do) as well as my tongue is bit up. i really hate having epilepsy when it comes to shit like this. thank god it happened well enough before my job assignment on Monday!

i talked to my landlord about rent for this month and he told me i can just pay him $500 and the rest can be tarried over to next month. that is going to make next month extremely difficult but i'm going to try. i honestly have no other alternative since it's not like someone wants to pay an epileptic bear to have sex with ;)

my body is extremely tired due to the seizure.
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