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it feels cold out. weather like this always reminds me of Winter. Fall hasn't ended yet but you can see Winter around the corner. the radiator in my bedroom keeps omitting that crazy "POP!" noise when the metal expands and the heat comes out. which is good because my mattress is laying on the floor next to it, so i can take it all in.

i feel a lot better now after the whole seizure thing. i've been sleeping days and staying up all night. it brings forth some crazy characters on the internet, no doubt. it also makes me feel a bit as if i'm on Christmas break and school is about to come back to me. i feel like i'm living out the last few days of this time before work comes and sucks the life out of all of it.

the news is on in the background. familiar Massachusetts voices are telling me about gas prices and the economic crunch. i should be in bed but i missed writing in here, too. i took a sleeping pill (all natural) so sleep will be coming soon as it is. i dunno what else to say....
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