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i haven't written in here in since Thursday, but that's mostly because i haven't really done anything worthy of writing about. i got my cell phone in the mail on Thursday (finally) so i am no longer without it. as if on cue, my temp rep, Laetitia, called me to verify that my tests came through fine (i wasn't worried) and that i can start on Monday. she said she'd try me a day early and right after i got my phone in the mail!

nothing much else has been going on, though. my sleep schedule has still been fucked up. i've been sleeping the days away and staying up all night. (at least it let's me talk to all the other unemployed freaks all night long.) my tongue is still moderately bit up from the seizure. i'm hoping that by the time they expect me to talk on the job will be around Tuesday, when it's completely healed. the whole tongue thing has made it difficult for me to really eat or feel energetic about chatting and whatnot. it's also made me less motivated about starting work, unfortunately. i'm sure i'll be excited once i get in there.

i forced myself out of the bed this morning at 11 so i can at least be SOMEWHAT tired when it came time for bed tonight. i don't want to go to work on my first day and fall asleep on them....

i've been downloading a lot of oldies music on BitTorrent. i downloaded a 25 CD collection of Top 70s music as well as Billboard's Top 100 Hits of 1984. i'm all about it.
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