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in short, life resumes

I ENDED UP HAVING a seizure in my sleep last night. it was weirdo, though, because i'd been getting enough sleep for the past few nights. this may end up being why my seizure was extremely mild and why i was able to go to work today.

as i'd mentioned before, i've been reading She's Come Undone before bed each night. so maybe that depressive ass book was the cause of me biting my tongue and rolling around in my sheets last night? who knows... but it certainly sucks.

TONIGHT AFTER WORK, i'm going to see the Broadway tour of Frost/Nixon with my friend Jeremy. my roommate got us free tickets from his job. i'm supposed to meet him in front of the Boston Opera House at around 7:15 and he'll hand Jeremy & me the tickets.

i questioned my roommate last night to guarantee that was still the case and he seemed kind of aloof about it. i hope he doesn't flake out and suddenly tell us we can't go. i already saw Frost/Nixon on Broadway but would like to see the play again. (Jeremy hasn't seen it at all.) my roommate has been at home the past few days because his friend Jesse came into town and they've been busy drinking and hanging out. i don't normally mind my roommate having company over, but Jesse is loud and obnoxious company. he sleeps with the TV on cinema sound and they end up staying up very late laughing and being rowdy.

maybe i'm just jealous of his friendship with Jesse. what they have going on is certainly homoerotic, to say the least. John is not gay.

THIS WEEK AT WORK has been pretty relaxing. maybe that's why i'm able to work despite last night's seizure? they made up a new schedule for all of us because the one we had before had all of us going to break at around the same time, thus causing the phone lines to ring off the hook. now, only 4 or 5 go to break at one time and they have me taking my final break less than an hour before i go home at night. you have no idea what a relief that is to have a break and then turn around and only answer a few calls before you get to go.

it's also slow on my job today, too. hopefully this keeps up all week.
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