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THEY FINALLY GRADED MY calls at work. apparently, i got as close to a perfect 100 as you can get without actually scoring 100%. this is why i don't like call quality grading. people don't actually adhere to quality control standards when taking calls. they try and resolve the customer's problems and just be done with it.

anyway, it was good feedback. that's all that matters...

I SPOKE WITH MY MOM about my dad's tests for his cancer.

well, i really called my dad and got him to give me the lowdown. my mom was too busy being a nervous wreck in the background. my dad has to undergo chemotherapy twice as well as radiation. they're going to cut the two cancerous nodes out of his neck and he'll be on a feeding tube for awhile, due to the swollen tissue that the removal will cause. i'm worried about what all will come of it, but know my dad is strong, too.

i may try and come down to Arkansas this summer for a bit. hopefully my job will hire me by then.
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