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put him down

i called my dad when he was in the hospital today. American Idol was on but he's more important. he told me that they were able to remove the cancer and everything seems like a success. his voice was very scratchy but thats most likely due to the chemotherapy. he sent my mom home because she's such a warbling idiot.

while i was on the phone with him, he asked me if my mom had bothered to tell me about our dog, Harley. "What are you talking about?" I prompted.

"While I was in the hospital, she had the dog put to sleep. She didn't even tell me until I asked her how my dogs are and she told me she had to put him down." His voice cracked and i could tell he was trying to stop himself from crying while I was on the phone.

"If I'd have done that," he continued, "she would've had a fit. I'm the one who takes care of him! The one day she has to watch after him, she puts him down. I told her I'd better hurry up and get better soon or else she'll put the others down too..."

apparently, she was having a hard time waking Harley up one morning and then decided to put him to sleep. not only is it fucked that she did it while my dad was in the hospital (and never let him say goodbye), but it's also fucked that she TOLD HIM while he was already suffering from some other shit. my mom is one of the most selfish people i have ever met.

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