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the book vs. the phone

so apparently, i'm going to get a lot of reading in this weekend. i'm already up to Chapter 18 of Stephen King's It and my cellphone is dying. not just running out of juice, either. i noticed when i was on the phone with my friend, Brian, earlier this evening that i couldn't make it suddenly recharge with my charger. i tried numerous times then made him get off the phone with me to wiggle & jiggle the charger i got from Radio Shack in hopes that i could repair it.

then the plastic thing inside the phone fell out. so now no charger is going to work on it. i'm going to need to get a new phone.

i've had problems with my phone in the past but when i went down to T-Mobile then, they didn't seem that helpful. i'm hoping that maybe if i can get a hold of their customer service tomorrow, i can charge a new phone to my next bill. i'll have a job by then and can pay for it when the time comes in. i can't go without a phone right now when i'm about to start a new job. that's just ridiculous. i wish there was a way to charge my battery outside my phone somehow. then i could just do that for awhile....

but this weekend will be definitely full of reading now. reading or watching TV. (and since i don't have cable in my bedroom television, reading it will be). it feels nice to have about 300 pages left of my current book even though the whole chapter about Patrick Hocksetter is going to give me nightmares tonight. i love when i can have passionate feelings about what i'm reading but eesh! Stephen King knows how to go to the jugular with his storytelling! i won't spoil it for those of you who've not read this book but i can guarantee i will never look at a refrigerator the same way again!

i'm hoping to finally finish It by the end of this weekend. i've got a stack of other books i wanna tackle (alongside my phone issues).
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