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holy shit is it cold out!

yesterday evening, i came home from work to a whopping 25°F out. the weathermen are baffled at the startling temperatures. and since my land lord controls the thermostat in my apartment, it's not been breaking 65°F in my bedroom at nights. yay for that electric blanket Brian bought me!

my job today was a little bit better. i told my Texan instructor today off after he offered up one too many anti-Arkansas sentiments. my favorite one i flung back at him was, "you're from Texas. your state LOSES the election!" hee

i've also been kind of responsible when it comes to eating lately, too. it's so weird considering how my diet used to consist of Chipotle, Wendy's® and popcorn. but i've grown accustomed to the taste of yogurt and have been getting yogurt every morning. i called my Dad today and begged him for some money so i can buy some yogurt for the rest of the week. that's what i'll be snacking on every morning while i'm still in training on the job.

i also got a can of red beans tonight and had Goya® and rice for dinner. i used to just fend for myself and munch on chips and whatnot. i bet my body is flipping out on this foreign healthy object in my tummy. considering i'll be 29 in less than a month, i guess this is what it feels like to grow up some.

that, and it increases my collection of oldies music on my iTunes. rock on with my 80's self!
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