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almost immediately after Kip & I got together, I started getting into Tarot cards again. pagancub bought me a deck awhile ago and i tooled with them for a bit before getting tired of it. Kip is very good at them and can read shit I can't even see. Thus, it made me want to indulge in them head-on. I've been drawing a card or two every day (like my friend, Brian, suggested) and it REALLY works!

Today's card is: The Four of Pentacles
Clarification Card: The Three of Chalices

we'll see what that all means....
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Kind of a side note :) I am happy to see you blogging again :) AND I am happy that you are well and happy!

I love Tarot cards and have a couple decks myself, but never got around to learning how to use the correctly.

Side note #2 :) Are you coming to Minneapolis again for pride? :)